Greg was raised as an only child, fascinated by the busy firehouse down the street from where he lived.  Greg lost his mother at a young age, but over time, family and friends stepped in to fill the void left behind. They told him there were many avenues he could pursue in life. Greg's passion for helping others and the experience of losing his mother led him to the servant lifestyle emulated by the neighborhood firefighters. He entered the fire academy during his senior year in high school and started in the service in 2004. Embracing the mentorship of his lieutenant, Greg was drawn into truck and squad work. This led to his passion for The RoofTop Angels.

As a way to maintain his edge, Greg  regularly participates in extrication competitions & Multi-Company Operations with his dept. He has developed a fondness for sharing his vision of the fire service and particularly enjoys talking with firefighters from around the world. Currently Greg is a Firefighter/EMT & Hazmat Technician in Northern Illinois.

# Keep The Roof Under Your Feet

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