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A day in the life (Explained) -TOP 10-

Hello World...

2021 ... The new normal? Who knows..

One thing is certain, We Keep banging On Our Craft...

From all walks of life, Probationary period to the senior man.

From Lieutenant to Chief officer.. We are all here for the same reason.

To leave the job better then we found it. We all have our mentors from the early years, and current company officer that help us grow, from past to present.

What are we doing to GROW ? Are we passing on the knowledge to the new generation?

Are we EARNING our spot on the rig EVERYDAY?

What are your morals to live by? The little things make a BIG impact in this job.

Here is a short list..

  1. Arrive early to make the coffee, Put your gear on the rig, make sure your relief gets off his tour on-time (Early is on time, on time is late, Late is unacceptable)

  2. Check your equipment, is your airpack full?

  3. Get a game plan with your crew for the "WHAT IFs" do we all know our jobs in the seat we sit in? It sounds childish sometimes to go over the basics sometimes.. But does it hurt to be over prepared? I would rather have a smooth run then look like a bunch of circus clowns.

  4. Training: Learn something new everyday. From the new guy teaching a skill he just learned in the academy to the senor man showing a skill that you will thank him later for the knowledge.

  5. Tools & Equipment: Are the ready to go? What are you grabbing for the job? Inspect your equipment, DON'T BLAME the previous shift for improper care of equipment, Yea it sucks , but who is going to fix it? We are.. Because we work hard in the shadows, and shine in the spotlight.

  6. Look your best: We all want to look the salty part, but are we following our uniform guidlines? I agree the public could care less what we show up to help them in their time of need, but lets look professional.

  7. Do the right thing when no one is looking. What does that mean to you?

  8. Train EVERYDAY, for a job that can kill you.

  9. The day you stop learning should be the day you retire and walk away.

  10. KNOW YOUR JOB. Leave the job better then you found it.

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