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The Brotherhood...

What does that really mean?

For us in the Fire Service, it has a unique meaning. It can be compared to the likes of that of the Marine Corps. Our battle is certainly different in it’s own right, but we must rely on each other in our battle.

What is that battle? Well, the obvious is calls for service we make. We all have to do our jobs to not only mitigate the incident, but we must work together to save lives and not least, keep each other safe so that we can return to the Firehouse kitchen.

Ah, the Firehouse kitchen. The safe haven. That, my friends, is where Brotherhood is born. It’s where balls are busted, rookies learn and hear stories and where the old heads tell tall tales and teach. So, Brotherhood. Real Brotherhood. Rank means nothing and reputation means everything. It binds us by a common value.

We draw together, mainly because of what we experience, but also because most of those outside of our world could hardly understand it. Whether it’s painting a house, repairing a car, meeting for lunch, going to a child’s graduation or throwing an epic party, we draw to each other. It’s how we bond. It’s how we live. With this comes great responsibility.

The responsibility of taking care of your Brother or Sister. Being loyal. Being honest. Never stabbing them in the back.

Never using the Brotherhood for personal gain or ammunition against another member. Does this happen? Unfortunately, yes it does. With some it seems to happen at promotional time, or for some who are attempting to gain favor because of short comings. Those members may have just simply lost their way, or have fallen to difficult times.

Sometimes those are the ones that need the Brotherhood the most. Sometimes some are just in this career for the wrong reasons. All in all, we can only survive through the Brotherhood. The things we see. The things we have to do. There is no substitute to the peer counseling that can be provided by another Brother or Sister. Not discrediting professional counseling that is sometimes needed, but the rally of strength knowing your Brother or Sister has your back. We listen. We learn. We offer advice and experience. We heal. As much as we must strive to master our craft, we should also strive to be the best Brother or Sister we can be. Stay safe, my friends.

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